Who we are!

FITSPACE® is your anyone, anytime, anywhere workout partner ready to revolutionise your fitness journey and make your workouts as comfortable and efficient for you as possible.

Fitspace was founded by Anant Goel, who combined his love of entrepreneurship with his passion for fitness, intending to deliver the most efficient and result-driven fitness experiences through specially designed workout equipment for home use.

Fitspace enables fitness enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals in their comfort zone by building an efficient home gym and making home workouts effective and engaging.

How we started! 

As the pandemic pushed us indoors and our health and fitness goals were forgotten, we realised the need for a compact home gym setup and Workout equipment that is space-efficient, compact, portable, and at the same time aesthetically pleasing to the home interiors.  

Thus, with sleek designs and adjustable and foldable gear in mind, FITSPACE was born.

What we do!

FITSPACE is not just a brand; it stands for an entire lifestyle. Led by innovation and excellence, we aim to provide you with a rewarding workout experience in the comfort and safety of your own space and with the company of your loved ones. We aspire to build a community of like-minded people who will support each other in their fitness journeys.

We aim to have the best fitness products at your disposal, and with the latest gym gear that is adjustable, foldable, space-efficient, and portable, we hope to deliver our promise.