It is time to take your fitness to the next level. From beginners to professionals, we are your perfect anyone, anytime, anywhere workout partner set to revolutionise your fitness experience with our compact, space efficient and portable premium grade workout equipment that can fit into any space.




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FITSPACE Adjustable Dumbbell

With 15 different weight options in one dumbbell, these Fitspace adjustable dumbbells will make your home workouts as effective as those at the gym!
Multiple weight options in a single dumbbell provide an excellent space-saving solution for your home gym.

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FITSPACE Adjustable Barbell

No home gym is complete without a barbell, and we’re here to provide you with the best!
With seven weight options ranging from 3kg to 20kg, the FITSPACE Barbell is innovative home-gym equipment that is both compact and portable.

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FITSPACE Foldable Treadmill

This Fitspace Foldable Treadmill is your perfect partner for home workouts and can provide a heart-pumping cardio workout right in your living room, garage, balcony, or office!

This treadmill is designed for home use and is family-friendly equipment with a maximum speed of 15kmph, with ten inclined levels and multiple training modes. This treadmill is easy to fold, move and store anywhere in the house when not in use.

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FITSPACE Adjustable Desk Bike

Fitspace desk bike helps break up prolonged sitting with a safe and effective low-impact motion that promotes healthy blood circulation.

The intuitive, ergonomic design includes a height-adjustable desktop that makes it easy to work, read or stream while pedalling. You can even raise it to use as a standing desk when you want a rest from peddling.

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